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Win for Twaweza in eKitabu content development challenge 2022

Twaweza is happy to be recognized as contributing to accessible publishing. Twaweza submitted 3 titles of which received an award: Akuchi as best overall reader, Agikuyu - Ndi Mukenu and the French version of Sungura na Tembo.


Pop Culture

This Issue on popular culture was conceived to begin the conversation around the question: whither popular culture today, in post-pandemic 2022 Kenya? The study of the popular in Kenya is not new, and indeed, vibrant scholarship and reportage around popular culture in general has existed for about two decades now. The COVID-19 pandemic brought to a halt most activities that spur, facilitate, and mediate popular culture, including the making of music, film, television, art, theatre, dance, and even transportation which, in Kenya, is a source of the artistic and the musical. This Issue therefore sought to act as a check on the current state of the popular. Jahazi on Popular Culture brings a diverse range of articles that speak to both the wider debates around popular culture, as well as practical work being done by practitioners of art and culture on the ground.


Staying Safe: A Protection Guide for Journalists in Kenya

Exploring gender and governance

The idea of producing a safety guide for journalists had not quite taken root when we came together as a media working group. Our primary interest then was to explore the media landscape to find out the status of journalists safety and protection when discharging their duties

This manual is being offered as a living document, to be adjusted and updated to respond to the inevitable changes in our society

You can download it for free on the link below.


Cultural and Creative Industries
Supporting Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mapping and Analysis

In many African countries the CCI sectors are supported by EU member states and the European Union as a whole to foster sustainable development and international cultural exchange. The authors of this study, Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco and Kimani Njogu, draw up an inventory of the activities of EU member states and the European Union in the field of creative industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Which countries are already particularly active in the field of creative industries in the region? How and with what objectives are projects supported? Which sectors are primarily supported in which countries? Are there thematic priorities or cross-sectoral inter-linkages? What are local needs?


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Articles & Activities


Preserving Culture

There are thousands of languages all over the world. But the existence of many is threatened with dwindling numbers of active speakers. How do factors such as colonialism contribute to language endangerment in Africa and elsewhere, even today?


Publishing at the African Studies Association of Africa


We contributed to the African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) conference held in Nairobi in October 2019 on the topic of publishing in Africa and African studies: practices, challenges and futures


Culture Grows: Between Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


This event was a gathering of culture and creative sector stakeholders from Kenya and across the world; organized in partnership with the British Council as part of the British Council's programme Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth pilot programme in Kenya, Vietnam and Colombia.


Imara Roundtable Series


A series of multi-sectoral forums aimed at finding solutions to policy and practical concerns in the creative sector in Kenya.


PowerPlay video Series

Video Production

In collaboration with HIVOS, we created a mini-series drama on leadership and integrity that will challenge viewers to expect and demand integrity from leaders in different spheres of life