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With over fifteen years’ experience in publishing and content development, Twaweza Communications continues to create, produce and publish content that informs, educates, and entertains.

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Policy and Advocacy

Using strategic communication for social change we seek to inspire the individual and communities to take active part in the transformation of society.


Twaweza Communications is part of the Tuvuke Initiative a consortium formed to engage in a collective campaign to ensure that peace prevailed before, during and after the 2013 General Elections in Kenya and that youth and women participated throughout the election process. Since then the Initiative has continued to work during and outside election periods, advocating for peace, inclusion of women and youth in county and national leadership, land rights among others.

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Leadership & Integrity

Twaweza Communications, with support from HIVOS East Africa, has produced a mini-series drama on leadership and integrity that will challenge viewers to expect and demand integrity from leaders in different spheres of life. The series explores how the protagonist Bob responds to the moral dilemmas of life and what choices they eventually make to achieve their goal.

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Access to Justice

In 2012, The Ford Foundation recognized Twaweza Communications as a Champion of Democracy due to the institution’s work in the advancement of democracy and equality in Kenya. Following the award, Twaweza Communications embarked on a project to develop an online English-Kiswahili Dictionary of Legal terms in a bid to increase access to justice in Kenya through language. We believe that the project will increase access to justice and benefit Kenya’s judicial and governance process by improving communication between judicial officers and litigants. It is also a contribution to Kiswahili legal lexicon as well as the development and presence of African languages on the internet.

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Creative Sector Advocacy

Twaweza communications is part of the Creative Economy Working Group which brings together stakeholders in the creative sector to advocate for policy and legal framework that is conducive to the growth of the creative industry in Kenya. The Working Group has recently made submissions to Parliament on the Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 and the Computer and Cybercrimes Bill 2017.

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The Imara Cultural and Creative Industries Roundtables are a partnership between the Goethe Institute and Twaweza Communications. The round tables, held throughout 2019, brought together stakeholders in the creative and cultural industry to define problem areas and ideate together on sustainable, industry-driven policies.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Working with Google,The National Cohesion & Integration Commission, Twaweza Communications sought to inspire a culture of inclusivity and respect for diversity through working with secondary schools in the Hangout Bridges Project. The Hangout Bridges Project combines technology and strategic communication for positive social impact. To promote cross-cultural understanding, this project connects young people from different cultures and helps them realize their prejudices and overcome them to engage respectfully and make new friends..

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Hangout Bridges

Research and Development

Twaweza Communications media monitoring unit undertakes monitoring of print and electronic media. Past clients include Heinrich Boll Foundation, Kenya Women Holding, Elimu Yetu Coalition among others.


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